The First Avenger

12 Oct

A friend of mine posted the new trailer for The Avengers… It was a complete nerdgasm. And from what I recall of the teaser trailer they played after Captain America, this trailer had the first shots of Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk. I’m already so excited for this movie, I really don’t know how I’m going to make it till May 4th of next year.

Until then, I guess I’ll stick to making Polyvore sets about superheros.

The Avengers: Captain America
I will say, as much as I’ve always loved Captain America, the person that really stole the show in the movie wasn’t Chris Evans; it was Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter. She was gorgeous and a badass (you’ve gotta be pretty ballsy to shoot your crush with a handgun because he was kissing another woman).

My Polyvore of the Day

7 Oct
A sunny Autumn Day


This is what I wish I had worn to class this morning. Instead of my ‘sick but still dragging my ass to class’ look of jeans, jacket and fake-y uggs (don’t judge me). I really want that briefcase though… it’s so bright and POW in your face. The heels are pretty epic too.

Can we please have a college dress code?

2 Mar

Yes, I know, we’re out of highschool, we don’t need some administrator telling us our outfits are innapropriate. But sometimes I think people might need a person to step up and say “Hey, your outfit isn’t appropriate for being at a school, (or in some cases, being out in public at all).

I don’t think my expectations are too high. I’m fully aware that I go to community college, not fashion school ;] I just don’t think it’s too much to ask for, to expect that people change out of their pajamas before they go to class.

So here’s my proposed college dress code haha.

  1. No pajama pants. Honestly? You’re paying to go here, don’t you have enough motivation to put on real pants.
  2. No visible undergarments. As adorable as I’m sure you find your bra, or new thong, everyone else probably doesn’t need to get the preview. This one goes for those of the male species too- No one needs to see your boxers. (On a side tangent, Sagged skinny jeans; Can anyone explain this to me? How can you sag your pants like that if they’re so tight they look like they’re going to cut off circulation???
  3. (From Sparrow1969) No visible butt-cleavage. “Butt-cracks are personal and should be kept covered. I can’t tell you how often I see someone (men and women alike) bend over or sit down and suddenly there’s a full moon.” I whole heartedly agree.
  4. (From Sparrow1969) No muffin tops! “Muffin tops are not attractive. Fat rolls, like butt-cracks, are also personal items and do not require air to thrive. Just another thing that people ought to keep to themselves.” This one seems to be an epidemic. One with a simple cure; wear things that fit!


4. Muffin tops are not attractive. Fat rolls, like butt-cracks, are also personal items and do not require air to thrive. Just another thing that people ought to keep to themselves.

There are my two rules (I reserve the right to edit this as eyesores warrant)

Do you have any additions to my (very short) list?

That could have ended horribly….

28 Feb

iron(photo from

Well, I have to give it to 70’s ingenuity. Straightening your hair with an iron works well, and gives more smoothness and shine than a typical hair straightener.
While attempting to salvage a dry-clean only dress that got put through the wash, I was ironing all the wrinkles out (Yes, horrible, but at this point I don’t think I could have made the situation worse). And while doing this, I looked at my hair in the mirror and had a lovely idea. “Why not try to straighten my hair! They did it back in the 70’s” said my brain. I did, and it worked swimmingly. It wasn’t till after that I realized that if I had messed up I could have had some gnarly burns on my face. So despite the shine my hair currently has, I think I’ll stick with my modern hair straightener.
Has anyone else tried this? How did it work out for you?

The last post about Gilda…I promise! (At least for awhile.)

25 Feb

I know I’ve been pretty much non stop Gilda on here, but after I had a realization hit me yesterday, I felt obliged to point it out.

I’m pretty sure Ballin Mundson, the bad guy in Gilda (played by George Macready) shows a striking resemblence to another film bad guy- Super Mario Brothers’ King Koopa (Played by the brilliant Dennis Hopper)

What do you think?

On a slightly related note, regardless of how horrible the Super Mario Brothers movie was,  John Leguizamo made an adorable Luigi.

There! I’m done posting anything Gilda for awhile. Haha.

Repetitive, but justified. [More love for Rita Hayworth]

23 Feb

This morning, all I wanted to do was stay in bed and watch Gilda (Best 40’s movie ever, aside from The Wizard of Oz, which will forever have my heart). Was this an option? Naturally no. Instead I went to class, and was productive, but that didnt stop me from focusing on that movie. As soon as I came back from a lovely lunch date with the two leading ladies in my life, I had “Put the Blame on Mame” on repeat.

As soon as I go visit my go to hair lady (my amazing grandmother) in april, I’m learning how to do Rita’s signature hairstyle (Lord knows I have enough hair to do it at this point).
One of the things I’ve found really endearing throughout my researching on her, is how versatile she was with hair color. She dyed her hair many different colors throughout her film career, and has managed to look just as beautiful with each, though personally i’m fond of the signature auburn-y color.
Here she is as a blonde.
and here with a red color going on.
With the small exception of Judy Garland, Miss Hayworth has got to be my favorite actress from the 40’s and 50’s. Anyone have any other favorites?

Spring Runway Inspiration

18 Feb

Although the spring collections were shown awhile ago, I’ve just now begun to really appriciate them, courtesy of some very spring-y weather (It’s been awesome). Here’s some of my favorites.

Betsey Johnson

Zac Posen



Elie Saab

John Galliano was amazing. Both the couture and ready to wear lines for Dior made me fall in love. (Granted, I’ve always been a sucker for lingerie inspired collections, and the couture line’s Victorian feel was great). Zac Posen, as per usual won my heart too. Betsey Johnson’s collections seemed pretty ‘business as usual’, but I loved her collection, and it had the most personal style wearability.  The Elie Saab dress was just gorgeous :]